1. Quadraformis ratio

2. The Four Quartets

3. Fourfold visibility

4. Tetragonus mundus

5. Regularity through the ages

6. The four senses

7. Mappa mundi

8. Orientation

9. Continents

10. Time and division

11. Four seasons

12. Time consciousness

13. Four ages

14. Gold, silver, bronze and iron

15. Thinking in fours

16. A journey to holiness

17. To the tetrapharmacon

18. Roma quadrata

19. The wisdom of age

20. Celtic consciousness

21. Early beginnings of Europe

22. A time of transition

23. Four representatives of change

24. In search of extremes

25. Four sources of knowledge

26. Four representatives of crisis

27. New names for old feelings

28. A tetradic movement

29. Historic awareness

30. The number four

31. The gnostic outlook

32. To a new therapy

33. In search of harmony

34. Games, Fortuna and the Future

35. Thoughts of an elementary nature

36. The act of Prometheus

37. Holding the Boat of Million Years

38. Loyal to the earth

39. A Tear of Kronos

40. The fifth element

41. Tetradic florilegia

42. The Garden of Eden

43. The End of Times

44. The Tetramorph and more

45. Four Crowned Saints

46. The curriculum in ancient times

47. Four humores

48. Four moral qualities

49. The sign of the cross

50. The rule of four

51. A conveyance for gods and heroes

52. Preference for the four-fold

53. An eternal way of confusion

54. Observations of induced brightness


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